not involving participation or intervention

a hands-off foreign policy

Similar to: ↑passive, ↑inactive

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\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: hands off
: practicing noninterference

preserved their hands-off policy toward the internal affairs of other countries

: advocating or insisting upon noninterference

showed a rather belligerent hands-off attitude when people came near his possessions

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/handz"awf", -of"/, adj.
1. characterized by nonintervention or noninterference: the new hands-off foreign policy.
2. remote or unfriendly; estranging: a truculent, hands-off manner toward strangers.

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hands-offˈ adjective
1. Not touching with the hands
2. Operated by remote control
3. That cannot be touched
4. Not favouring active involvement
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Main Entry:hand

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hands-off UK US adjective
allowing other people to make their own decisions

a hands-off style of management

Thesaurus: not limited or restrictedsynonym

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hands-off «HANDZ F, -OF», adjective.
of or having to do with noninterference or nonintervention: »

However, diplomats said that Spain's hands-off attitude toward French Morocco had not altered her policy of “friendly understanding” in Spanish Morocco (New York Times).

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/ˈhændzˈɑːf/ adj, always used before a noun
: allowing people to do what they want to do without bothering or stopping them

His hands-off approach to teaching allows students to choose the focus of their studies.

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ˌhands-ˈoff [hands-off] adjective usually before noun
dealing with people or a situation by not becoming involved and by allowing people to do what they want to

a hands-off approach to staff management

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